Did you and your ex boyfriend just break up and your asking “how do I get my ex back when he has moved on”. Stop sitting on your couch in that funk and go for what you want. I have some tips that may make a difference in you learning how to get your ex back if they have moved on, remember be interested not interesting.

1 – What should be done first to get your ex lover back is helping him to realize how much he still wants you. Things don’t come out of the blue they come out of the oblivious. There are things that you can do to help you from here.

2 – A good thing for you to do is be sure to still be his friend. Be drama free though show him how much fun you really like to have. If you sont know how to have fun learn! Take all of the stress and strain out of your relationship and the happiness may return.

3 – Be kind, cordial, and sweet at all times letting him know that you’re the one that is almost out of reach. I’m not saying play games or try to get in his head. In my experience people want what they cannot have, His desire for you may grow while you are going through this.

4 – You should not be showing all your cards and acting needy, but at the same time still show a little affection. You should be playing a little hard to get and having your own life. Get out with friends maybe get out and flirt. Remember don’t go overboard if you want to be back with your ex.

5 – You are not desperate so do not act like it. If you act in that way you will further push your ex away. This is so important, know one wants to be with someone who can’t stand to be with themselves. Let it be known that if need be you can move on joyously.

6 – If you catch your ex looking at you or you feel him looking at you give him a glance out the corner of your eye. He will know that you are paying attention to him with a glance like that. It will be sort of mysterious leaving him wondering “Can I still have her?”

7 – Ever so subtly let him know that you remember the good times you spent together. The good times will help him remember all of the fun times you and your ex spent together. Be free from reminiscing on the times that were not so great. Help him to get in line with how great it was to be with you.

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