Success is success no matter if your talking in a relationship, your career, or your health. I read a book a while ago by Og Mandino which changed my life named The Greatest Salesman In The World. I adopted these vows from that book but have used them successfully in my own life and feel compelled to share. These are the principles from the book I adopted and turned into affirmations. They can be used as a nightly affirmation, But they must be acted on to see the success you like. These are not just passive positive affirmations, think of them more as positive active affirmations.

Vow 1 – I am FREE from pitying and belittling myself NOW!!!

Vow 2 – I always greet the dawn with a map!!!

Vow 3 – Always will I bathe my days in the golden glow of enthusiasm!!!

Vow 4 – I am always agreeable to every living soul NOW!!!

Vow 5 – Always will I seek the seed of triumph in every adversity!!!

Vow 6 – I am FREE from performing at less than my best NOW!!!

Vow 7 – Always will I throw my whole self into the task at hand!!!

Vow 8 – I am FREE from waiting and hoping for opportunity to embrace me, I embrace opportunity NOW

Vow 9 – Always will I examine, each night my deed of the fading day!!!

Vow 10 – Always will I maintain contact through prayer with my creator!!!

Please bathe these vows in a golden glow of enthusiasm when you say them and when you act on them. If you like these vows check out Og Mandino’s book. It is a classic that can add great wisdom and benefits to your experience.

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